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Why did I choose this?

Why did I even start this business? Why do I care about workplace wellness?

I actually asked myself these questions today. The children are back at school and I am eager to "get back into it" which means looking for potential clients, on-line networking and cold contacting people (which feels very uncomfortable!) So I asked myself - why am I doing this at all?

I love what I do because I found something that helped me find myself.

Meditation is so much more than sitting with your eyes closed under a tree and trying to escape this hectic world. It is a pathway of self discovery that helps you discover what fulfils you to enjoy this world a whole lot more.

I have gained so much from learning how to meditate and free myself of old habits and trauma. Before then I did not really know myself. I did things others expected of me. I made choices that fit in with society which made me feel safe and accepted. Day to day, week by week, I was on repeat guided externally by what I thought I should do, say and be.

By the time I had a 10 year marriage, a long term job, 3 houses and 2 kids, ask me what I would do 'for fun' and honestly I could not tell you. I did ask myself that about 7 years ago and it made me realise I had no idea what 'Kylie' actually liked, what Kylie dreamed of doing, what Kylie felt about things without any external influence.

Kylie was a wife, mother and employee on the outside and a lot of empty space on the inside.

I love what I do now because I found something that helped me find myself. It helped me break the thought hamster-wheel in my head and become more self-aware. It helped me be a little more spontaneous. It helped me start making choices for myself 'just because' without any ulterior motive.

Because I can now listen inward I know who Kylie is I can make choices that support me. Becoming self aware on this level is critical for mental health because without inner awareness you can not fulfil your own needs. This often leads to continually looking for something better in career, relationships, living space etc. Continually striving for the next goal and planning ahead so much that each present moment is lost. Day by day, week to month to years and your life passes you by with only small injections of achievement that is only a temporary dose of happiness.

I had to leave my job and experience my marriage fall apart before I could go through the journey of finding myself. I had left it too late to recognise my inner turmoil and left my job and then my marriage left me. What I learned afterwards through meditation and sound therapies gave me the self awareness to find Kylie again and give myself what I had been expecting to find outside of me.

I don't believe that life needs to fall apart before a person can find this self awareness however I do believe that our go-go-go-sleep-repeat working society needs to evolve EVEN MORE to allow room for our human needs to be recognised and met in a more meaningful way.

The workplace is somewhere most people spend more than half their waking life. As it is also usually the biggest source of stress in life I believe the biggest improvement of mental health in our modern society can be achieved through new ideas in the workplace.

My speciality is facilitating experiences that allow transformation of the self & supporting others to find parts of themselves they never knew existed.

I am passionate about evolving the way workplaces impact their staff and teaching people how to be more self-aware without waiting until one's life falls apart. Using my life experience as a model not to repeat! If we create workplaces that actually give people the resources to not just to do their job but to thrive in their lives, there will be less people leaving their jobs because they don't feel fulfilled.

Finally at the end of the day, I do what I do because I just love playing my incredible instruments and using sound as a tool for healing. I love bringing people together and feeling connected and valued. I love being an example of how to reconnect to our inner potential and use it to inspire our lives.

We are creatures that thrive in community and I love helping workplaces evolve into communities of self-aware and engaged people. So with that I will go forth into my day aiming to infect others with this inspiration!

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