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Sabotage from a Toxic Workplace

Most people don't like their jobs.

Lets be honest with ourselves - that statement is true for many people. However it's often not actually their job they don't like but other people and contributing factors that influence their workplace 7+ hours a day.

Think about how your body deals with toxicity (which it does constantly). There are mechanisms that detect, neutralise, and eradicate foreign compounds that would otherwise compromise the body's healthy function. This is normal and healthy.

Sometimes our body does not know what to do with a particular invader, so it stores it deep in the liver and fat tissue to protect the rest of the body from the toxin. Pretty much sweeping it under the rug. These days we are so overloaded with unnatural influences that our bodies can't keep up, resulting in a lot of carpet-under-sweeping. But as this piles up over time....

Cue; Disease and Illness.

A toxic workplace will result in the same for your business, with disease and illness taking the form of distraction, gossip, low productivity, boredom, lack of effort & low quality work, poor attendance, staff turn over and loss of skills. It could also mean pour leadership, risky decisions and health risks to employees.

Bottom line is a toxic workplace will cost a business money. In fact stress related presenteeism (which is when you show up to work but your not productive) is costing the Australian economy over $10B per year!!! (Carnegie MG)

How much of this is leaking out of your business?? It will keep leaking out until you do a detox - this means LOOKING under the rug and paying full attention to what is festering under there.

If you look deep enough you will notice that a person's morale at work is influenced by what is going on in their whole life. With the level of stresses and turmoil in the world right now it's no wonder many have lost balance of their inner compass, which is then projected into their outer world of home and work.

The key here lies in equipping people with the skills and confidence to consciously self detect, neutralise and eradicate toxic thoughts, reactions and behaviours, not just while at work but in every day life - all the time.

We human beings are created with an emotional system, so it's not advantageous to expect employees to leave all their worries at the door and get on with the job. Sometimes we can, but unless a person has the skills to address that outside worry - it will come into your workplace like a toxin in your body and then it becomes your problem too.

Remembering that we are all human is a great start. Closing the gap between team members and management is another great step.

Prioritising mental well-being in the workplace as a non-negotiable will actually patch up those leaks in your business budget and get your workplace on the road to recovery.

This looks like high morale, improved performance, better attendance & presence at work, and I bet more people would say "I love my job".

Kylie Wilson - Zero Point Projects

Corporate Wellness Solutions that Embrace Human Capacity.

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