Corporate Mental Wellbeing

 Maximum impact - Minimal disruption
MindFlow combines three ancient methods together into a modernised, office friendly program to alleviate stress, increase mental well-being and enhance performance. Participants are guided through customised meditation & breathing techniques, integrated with specialised live sound.
MindFlow is facilitated in your workplace so the benefits flow directly into the work day and fuel a positive workplace energy. In just 30 minutes participants will emerge refreshed, mentally alert, grounded and ready to engage.  
Mind - Breath - Sound
Combining the three elements of mindfulness, breath and sound have a powerful effect of bringing a person into complete coherence where the body naturally begins to rebalance it's internal systems.
This natural rebalancing function automatically "switches on" but only when stress signals have returned to neutral. Stress responses can be triggered by anything from simply running late, poor diet, lack of sleep, racing to catch the train, to major stresses including deadlines, high pressure roles, friction with colleagues, financial worries, relationship stress, to full anxiety & depression.
  MindFlow techniques effectively bring the body out of stress and into neutral, promoting the necessary environment to activate the parasympathetic system & natural rebalancing. This is felt as a renewed state of clarity, mental calmness and vitality which strengthens with consistency.
Change Management
How we deal with change is fundamental to life.
Structure and routine in our life it makes us feel safe. When a curve ball comes along it usually throws people into feeling out of control, into fight /flight / freeze, reacting with poorly thought out choices.
 We can not avoid change, but if we learn to embrace change & look for the silver lining we gain the confidence to make the best of any situation. Being in flow with change brings personal growth, optimism, and innovation into the workplace.
MindFlow teaches simple & practical techniques to recognise when we've been triggered into fight / flight / freeze and to how to move into a state of flow in times of change. 
     Benefits for a business include:  
  • Increased motivation & morale
  • Improved attendance and productivity
  • Improved problem solving & cognitive flexibility
  • Improved efficiency & performance outcomes
  • Improved relationships & team culture
  • Increase staff participation & skill development
  • Improved emotional regulation & awareness = reduced staff burnout 
  • Staff feel valued and included = Staff loyalty and skill retainment
  • Saving time and money usually lost with these common problems. 
     Benefits for participants include:
  • Lowering mental stress within minutes
  • Learn skills for long term stress management
  • Assist with alleviating anxiety & depression symptoms.

  • Improve self confidence & self awareness.

  • Mental clarity, memory & problem solving skills 

  • Improving emotional regulation & hormonal balance

  • Improved concentration, decision making & cognitive flexibility

  • Improved health markers eg; blood pressure, digestion & restful sleep.

Taking care of your people = taking care of your business.
MindFlow is a win/win solution.
Top 5 ways MindFlow will impact your workplace
MindFlow Q&A 
     How is MindFlow delivered?
  • 30 minute group sessions
  • Facilitated at your workplace
  • All equipment provided
  • Provided in 6 week 'packages'
    What's included in a 6 week package?
  • Pre session participant questionnaire to establish a base-line
  • Introductory video for participants 
  • 6 consecutive weeks of MindFlow sessions
  • Post package participant questionnaire
  • Participant feedback report delivered to employer / manager
    What is required of the employer?
  • Arrange booking of appropriate training/conference room for weekly sessions
  • Prioritise time for staff to attend their allocated 30 minute sessions
  • At least one team leader or manager to participate in a group
    What does a 30 minute session 'look like'?
  • Your facilitator will bring meditation cushions, music, mini speaker and a sound instrument
  • Participants will come into their 30 minute session, select a cushion (or chair if preferred) and be guided through a mental "check-in" process.
  • Participants will be taught a different breathing technique each week, a mindfulness exercise and then a visualisation meditation.
  • Background sound will be played softly with a different 'theme' each week.
  • Over the 6 weeks participants will be gradually guided into deeper processes as appropriate to each group. This will vary and be customised according to the groups progress.
  • Final 5 minutes finishes with focus on mindfulness, motivation & mental clarity.
    Can MindFlow be delivered during lunch breaks or after work?
  • To achieve high participation rates & gain the best impact for your workplace, MindFlow is to be offered to your staff during 'normal' paid work time.
  • This establishes a deeper level of trust as employees will see this as authentic commitment to their mental well-being.
  • This is in alignment with Zero Point Projects mission and values.
  • By including MindFlow in work time, the workplace gains maximum benefit as all the residual good vibes flow straight into the work environment.
    How many people can be in a group?
  • Up to 25 people depending on the size of the room you are able to provide.
  • Managers and team leaders are encouraged to participate as this will increase the ripple effect into the workspace and reduces 'us and them' mentality (plus managers are often needing this the most!)
  • A minimum of 1 hour /week means you can have two x 30 minute groups back to back or we can customise a full hour session for one group
  • If you have more than 50 participants 'add-on' groups can be booked to extend your initial hour by 30 minute blocks as required.
    What is the investment cost for MindFlow?
  • Each 6 week package = $1200   -   This will service up to 50 people for 6 weeks
  • Extra 'add-on' group = $450   -   This will service an extra 25 people for 6 weeks
  • MindFlow is most effective as an on-going weekly employee benefit which can be arranged after an initial 6 week package.
  • Alternatively MindFlow can be effective with a 6 week package every quarter.
  • Average return on investment for mindfulness programs is between 3:1 and 6:1.
Only 47% of Australians are comfortable disclosing a mental health condition to an employer.   1
Mental health is critical to businesses
It's evident we can no longer expect people to simply leave their problems and stresses at the door and perform 100% at work. We are emotional beings and it's not natural for us to try switch part of ourselves off. When we do try, it only causes more problems which affect work, family and our community.
Our societies addiction to being busy, added to the stresses fueled by financial & social expectations, has led us down a path of destruction. Our state of mental health directly impacts businesses regardless of where the stress comes from.
Although employee well-being programs are common place now, the studies show that there is still a huge room for improvement;
Staff burnout affects 95% of employers. A replacement costs the business an average of 2.5 times that person's annual salary.  4
58% of females who meet clinical criteria of anxiety or depression, are not even aware they have a condition. 2
73% of males who meet clinical criteria of anxiety or depression, are not even aware they have a condition.  3
References:   1, 2 & 3:  business Insider link    4: Forbes.com link
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