Workplace Culture Consultations 

Perspective and Insight
If your workplace isn't running as smoothly as it should be, our workplace culture consultations will give you fresh eyes to identify the issues holding back your workplace potential.
We investigate in a courteous, respectful and professional way to gain real insight to your current workplace culture through our holistic assessments and neutral perspective.
We will ask the questions you might be avoiding (or not have time to prioritise), and investigate all contributing factors to find the truth of the matter. Our solutions aim to foster a win/win outcome, supporting you in creating a thriving and engaging workplace.
People and Environment
Each workplace is influenced in many ways.  Problems such as low moral, poor communication, lack of team work usually involve an eclectic combination of influences you would never think to piece together.
The physical environment is a constant influence on our mood and health. We review the impact of the physical office environment affecting your teams both in obvious and subconscious ways.
We assess your people and the impact they make on each other. Workplace politics can get complicated and it's often not the voiced issue that's the real cause, but an underlying issue that is being projected onto another person, another team or a work responsibility. We will work with your staff to identify any issues lurking unseen from the surface.
Last but not least is the relationship team members have with management personnel much of which comes down to trust and it's impact on open and honest communication. A lack of trust may derive from a previous employer or other experience but non the less can be unconsciously carried froward to sabotage a new work environment.
 Creative Solutions
We specialise in understanding the small details and how the pieces create the bigger picture.
We will negotiate with you the most appropriate methods to connect with your staff to gain a full understanding of your workplace including:
  • Anonymous questionnaires/surveys
  • "Fly on the wall" staff observations
  • Group workshops or meetings
  • Discussions with individual staff members
  • Observation of workplace environment & routines.
Our recommendations will give you holistic solutions and ideas to help:
  • create office environment that supports presence and focus
  • improve trust between individuals, teams and management roles
  • improve mood and motivation in work time
  • resolve systemic/repeating problems 
  • identify staff that may need extra support or external referral
  • improve internal processes around conflict resolution
  • reduce sabotaging habits within your teams
  • create new collaborative processes that foster motivated and supported teams. 
Our workplace culture consultations are here to support a subtle evolution of your workplace that is inclusive, collaborative and nurtures a continuing positive culture.
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Workplace Culture
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