Conference & Event Support

Supporting Conferences and Events
Including our customised mental wellness session in long training days, seminars or conferences offers your participants a facilitated session that:
  • lowers stress levels 
  • allows the brain to recharge in a short space of time
  • regulates brainwave frequency for mental relaxation and absorption of information 
  • increases Pre-Frontal Cortex activity which helps problem solving and concentration
  • increases Hippocampus activity which helps learning and memory 
  • assist the body into a state of coherence, ready to engage and learn more information
There is only so much information the brain can retain before it's in one ear and out the other.
Our aim is to have participants refreshed, focused and ready to engage in their next seminar session.
Team Building
Team building days are a great for building rapport and breaking the monotony of routine however, it's common for some people to experience anxiety, feel self-conscious or vulnerable in front of their peers when not in their normal job role.
Starting a team building day with one of our customised mental wellness sessions can be a fantastic way to setting the day off with:
  • lowering stress and anxiety
  • increase mindfulness & self confidence
  • bring your team members into coherence with one another 
  • activate parts of the brain that boost learning, communication, problem solving & engagement.
Alternatively, a mental wellness session would also be effective to wind-down at the end of a busy day of activities, bringing a feeling of accomplishment and completion to your team building day.
 Customised Solutions
For optimum support for your event, our mental wellness sessions can be customised to suit your needs and desired outcomes. Length of session, location, number of participants, number of groups and theme of facilitation can all be discussed to see how we can provide the best results from our corproate event mental wellness.
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