Zero Point


Transformative Workplace Wellbeing

We support Perth businesses in creating an engaged & mentally balanced workforce,  promoting mutual abundance between enterprise & individuals.
Zero Point Projects embraces our natural human capacity to self-heal. We envision and
co-create an innovative & inspiring culture of health & vitality.  
Reaching for work/life balance 
Unfortunately there has been a great disconnection between our working culture and our ability to take care of ourselves. Conflicting priorities have pushed aside the need to listen to the bodies simple requirements. Our current culture of obligation has us all so busy that it's only when we feel burnt out that we take a pause and reassess.
This is often too late. Despite workplace wellness programs increasing, the statistics continue to record a decline in mental health which continues to impact our Australian economy over $10 billion a year!
How much of that income is leaking from your business?
The saying "You can't give from an empty cup" couldn't be more true. Your staff will have much more to give to their role, and your customers, when they have access to effective preventative solutions as part of their employment benefits.
We invite you to explore how Zero Point Projects can support your business and your staff.

Creating Spaces of Wellness & Vitality

Zero Point Projects seeks to collaborate with Perth business owners, managers and HR teams to empower their employees through mutually beneficial mental well-being services.
By diverserfying your employee wellness solutions you minimise the amount of staff that fall through the gaps and strengthen your team's culture and capabilities. 
We offer ouside the box solutions and offer preventative solutions before stress evolves into a clinical condition. We also support those already diagnosed with conditions with complimentary methods of mental self-care and awareness.
Our solutions are facilitated through: 

Our Mission

Zero Point Projects mission is to offer opportunities for people, businesses and communities to ignite an awareness of the true human capacity.


Our programs are bridges that reconnect people to their inner truth and capabilities, supporting businesses to creating supportive, engaging and respectful internal relationships that bring coherence and mutual abundance.

We see our projects as a co-creation between us and each person participating, recognising that all are contributing to the success and outcomes of our services.

Our Values

Zero Point Projects values are centred around simple human needs, sovereignty and the expanding human capacity.

We recognise the true value of each person on this planet and inspire people to come together in their uniqueness.

We function on the values of truth, intuitive leadership, accountability and resilience.

We interact on the values of respect, kindness, balance and inspiration.

We value the opportunities that arise from change and recognise that change is the only constant in the world!

Inspiration of Zero Point Projects
Zero-Point is a space of Absolute. 
An 'empty' space where the creative force of all things resides and from which all things are possible. 
Zero Point Projects was created by Kylie Wilson inspired to help more people realise they have the capacity to create their own health & vitality. To remind people we don't have to be victim to circumstances as we each have the ability within to change our human experience. 
To discover the zero-point within.
Kylie first discovered 'guided meditation' in 2014 which became her saving grace in the life changing events that followed that year.
Not only did it give her the coping skills to better navigate trauma and emotionally heal, meditation also blew open her awareness of quantum consciousness and it's impact on our human health.
Over the years Kylie continued to expand her knowledge and skills in meditation, mindfulness and sound healing to work with this quantum energy in very practical ways. 
Kylie is mother to 2 boys, qualified personal trainer with experience training groups and personal coaching.
Kylie has a background working for a government agency for over 10 years with roles including customer service, team leader, quality specialist, compliance and prosecutions.

The variety of personal and professional experiences gives Kylie a wide lens to find common ground with many people. Through these common threads Kylie shares her skills to coach, inspire and empower others. 
Kylie's now specialises in meditation workshops, support & coaching, sound healing sessions and transformational weekend retreats.
Inspired to bring her work to people normally too busy or burned out, Kylie created Zero Point Projects to work with businesses in creating a new & evolved work/life culture.
Zero Point Projects aims to engage, inspire and empower mutually beneficial solutions for the corporate world and enrich workplace vitality.

"Thank you so much for taking me through such a transformative meditation journey.


I could feel the emotional release during the meditations. I experienced a deep sense of completion after the final meditation & I look forward to seeing the changes unfolding in my life. I would highly recommend Kylie's meditations.

Karine B.  Group meditations 

"Kylie is so open and knowledgeable, encouraging without judgement or rigid rules, not a ‘1 size fits all’ which
was so refreshing." 
- Kath R.-  2017 Retreat

"Thank you ever so much Kylie for yesterday - it really was a beautiful experience you created, such a beautiful zone, feeling and vibe, so loving, welcoming and open.


I wanted to encourage you to keep on doing what you're doing because you have a real gift. 

- Willow P. - Group sound workshop